Welcome to www.draftorderlottery.com the #1 Fantasy Football site to determine your draft position order.

Tired of picking up a paper from a bag? Tired of arguing with your league on who has the first pick of the teams this year? Let our draft lottery slot machine with the help of lady luck do the picks. It is fun, simple and completely random!

New to draftorderlottery? Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Your league’s name, number of teams in your league, and all team names.
  2. The email address of all the team members in your league (we will send them an invite with a link to our website for them to sign in).
  3. A Paypal account to pay for our 1 time fee of $2.00 per season per league.
  4. You will choose a time and a date for the draft order lottery of your league to take place (everyone in your league will receive an automated invitation email with the time and date for the draft to take place).
  5. You can interact live via chat with all of the members of your league and see the draft order lottery live as all the members do their picks!